Business Update - Covid-19

Statement on Coronavirus - 23rd May 2022

The information below provides UKIM’s position in relation to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

If you suspect you have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms please ensure that you follow NHS guidance. Try to ensure that you stay at home and avoid contact with other people. Contact us immediately on 0333 414 1988 to rearrange any appointments.

Physical appointments and examinations
In line with NHS guidance, we continue to recommend that patients wear face coverings when attending any appointment. Please also read and follow any instructions displayed at appointment venues, including those around social distancing and hand hygiene. The policies and procedures we have in place ensure that face to face medical appointments can continue to be conducted safely,  however if you are clinically vulnerable or have any concerns you would like to discuss then please contact our team on 0333 414 1988.

Remote video appointments and examinations
In exceptional cases, we can request appointments by remote video consultation if you are clinically vulnerable. No alternative provision will proceed without your prior consent. Upon arranging a remote video appointment, guidance will be provided and ongoing support is available to assist with any queries or technical issues.

Office facilities and customer support
All UKIM office facilities and customer support continues to function as normal.

Medical Records
We handle most medical records digitally, using encrypted safe file transfer protocols to maintain information security, which allows us to progress and share both medical records and requests for the same.

Clinicians & Medical Experts
We stand ready to cancel and rearrange appointments as soon as we are made aware of any potential issue and ask that you continue to notify us of any changes in availability and venue.

We will provide further updates should government and/or NHS guidance change.