Case Management

A proactive and holistic approach to case management of employees with ill health.

UKIM supports employers to reduce employee sickness absence through case management processes that offer time-efficient, employee centric advice. The associated financial savings and increased productivity can deliver a significant return on investment to your business.

Whether employees are returning to work or need support at work our expert occupational health clinical case managers are here to help. UKIM recognises that biological, psychological and sociological factors greatly impact recovery and recuperation from illness and disease.

Employees are closely supported and our employee wellbeing and absence case management service focus on the individual and the prevalent factors which impact their condition.

UKIM takes a proactive and holistic approach in managing each case, guiding employees to effective rehabilitation strategies. Using condition-specific triage that employees benefit from OH Nurses and Physicians, Physiotherapists and Counsellors, Psychologists and Psychiatrists.

Physiotherapy Services

Physical therapies and new digitally enable physiotherapy and musculoskeletal interventions.

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Occupational Psychology & Counselling

Encompassing preventative solutions, early identification support & a diverse range of rehabilitative treatment options.

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