Absence & Presenteeism Management

Timely presenteeism and absence management advice on fitness for work and return to work strategies.

At UKIM, we recognise the need to fully support employers to manage sickness and fitness for work. We work in partnership with our clients and share absence and return to work objectives. We recommend early intervention in sickness absence cases and commit to drive through absence cases quickly and effectively to resolution.

Our approach delivers a commercial focus on absence management reporting with no ‘shades of grey’ and ‘no fence-sitting'; providing independent, medical evidence advice that can be relied upon in a court of law.

We ensure that our service contributes to reducing the cost of your sickness absence. Our digital absence management platform informs on client absence morbidity (ICD10). Our clinicians will determine programmes and initiatives that address and reduce identified health issues before they become a problem. Our intelligent case management systems digitally refer on to rehabilitation services which include physiotherapy, occupational therapy and graduated counselling through to psychology and psychiatry.

Our absence management focus is reducing presenteeism within the workforce and keeping people at work, safely, or ensuring a rapid return to good health and effective, regular work following an absence. Maximising work capacity by building strength and resilience both biologically, psychologically and sociologically is centric to our pragmatic approach.  We manage each case by supporting the employee back to work through tried and tested multi-disciplinary interventions and access to specialist rehabilitation. Our independent medical advice gives access to a highly qualified multi-disciplinary clinical team. 



Physical therapies and new digitally enable physiotherapy and musculoskeletal interventions.

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Occupational Psychology & Counselling

Encompassing preventative solutions, early identification support & a diverse range of rehabilitative treatment options.

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