How to manage Employee Absenteeism or Presenteeism

Persistent employee absence can be a challenge for any business, affecting both finance and morale. You'll find facts, figures, and advice from our expert team on ways of identifying and implementing effective absence management below.

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Navigating Absenteeism and the Vital Role of Occupational Health within the Workplace

Employees' unplanned absences, whether due to illness, stress, or other reasons, can disrupt business operations, hinder team dynamics, and impact your bottom line.


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The importance of Occupational Health intervention in reducing employee presenteeism in the workplace

Presenteeism is two-prong - it’s important and somewhat in many cases, misunderstood.


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How effective is your Employee Absence Management?

The cost of employee absenteeism for many companies is rising significantly. Yet in many cases businesses are not monitoring these costs, including the impact employee absences have on your remaining workforce.


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Presenteeism in the workplace and the effects on productivity

The cost of employee presenteeism in the workplace is rising. Prior to the pandemic, the effects of presenteeism was costing the UK economy £20bn this has now increased to £27bn. The CIPD has seen presenteeism tripling over the past ten years, but many employers are still not taking action to prevent it. Stress, suboptimal mental health, lack of sleep and poor financial wellbeing are all root causes that have been exacerbated during the pandemic.


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