Why Employee Physiotherapy is a must-have for businesses

Different work responsibilities lead to different musculoskeletal problems. Effective workplace physiotherapy will help employees across a range of physical problems, and also has proven benefits when dealing with neurological conditions. Our team break down some of the specific improvements physiotherapy can provide below.

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What do Occupational Health Physiotherapists do?

A quarter of adults suffer from long standing musculoskeletal (MSK) problems - the most common reason for visiting GPs and accounting for 30% of all consultations. Whether your employees are sedentary, drivers, or are involved in manual handling - any of these roles can lead to, or exacerbate, an MSK condition. This can be extremely debilitating and result in time off work.


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What is the difference between Physiotherapy and Musculoskeletal Therapy?

With staff absence rapidly increasing, the need to offer the right Occupational Health services within the workplace is now! Many employers aren’t even aware of the difference between Physiotherapy and Musculoskeletal Therapy. Here, we go into each area in a bit more detail.


Physiotherapy treatment with resistance training

What is Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy?

Musculoskeletal Therapy (MSK Therapy) is somewhat similar to Physiotherapy in that it uses movement and function. Still, Musculoskeletal therapy adopts a more hands-on approach to assist a range of muscle and joint injuries. MSK treatment can involve a combination of manipulation techniques, low-level laser therapy and functional rehabilitation to relieve pain and increase mobility


Physiotherapist helping a patient recover muscle strength

Importance of Occupational Health Physiotherapy Services within the workforce.

Fostering Employee Wellbeing within the workforce is proven to be beneficial for both your staff and your business. Promoting and maintaining wellbeing ultimately improves your workforce’s occupational health, preventing a range of issues such as stress, absence, presenteeism, and occupational injury to create a positive working environment where both individuals and businesses can thrive.


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