Why good mental health is key to business success

Investing in the mental health of your employees not only benefits them, but it also helps to improve your business productivity - and, therefore, success. Below, we cover ways to monitor and recognise mental stresses in the workplace, and how to take steps in managing them through Occupational Psychology and worplace Counselling.

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Break the Culture of Silence to Tackle Mental Health

Stigma surrounding mental health is prevalent all around the world and it’s something that’s especially huge within business cultures. We look at how this can be tackled in the workplace...


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Seasonal Affective Disorder and How To Combat It

There isn’t a conclusive reason as to what causes Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), but many link it to sunlight exposure. The days in winter are darker for a lot longer, and this can make people feel rather negative. Here, UKIM's Lead Psychologist, Dr Kayode, shares some tips on how to combat SAD...


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Tackle mental health challenges in your workplace.

Reduce absenteeism and improve productivity and engagement by giving your employees access to always-on support and clinically approved educational content via UKIM's online wellness solution.


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Why the early identification of mental health issues is key to a productive workforce.

Occupational Psychology and Counselling services within the workforce are now more critical than ever in supporting businesses following the pandemic. With many employees showing signs of presenteeism in the workplace, we are fully aware of the factors contributing to this. One of these factors is Mental Health Issues.


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