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Strategies for Business

We'll help you develop a bespoke Employee Wellbeing strategy

At UKIM, we understand the importance of creating a healthy and supportive work environment.

Our expert team has designed bespoke Employee Wellbeing strategies to help companies like yours build a thriving and productive workforce, with a focus on:

· Reducing absenteeism
· Improving employee morale
· Increasing staff productivity

Our commitment to you

How our specialist Wellbeing Project Managers can help you.

Our unique approach is tailored to your business, taking into account your specific needs, goals and resources. We deliver measurable Employee Wellbeing Improvement plans for your staff, always looking to create a return on investment.

Of course, we recognise that all employees will be at different stages with their own personal health, so our project-based approach considers their individual biological, psychological and social factors (what we call our biopsychosocial model) and ensures no members of your team are left behind.

Using employee wellbeing strategies to build a happy workforce

We use our unique product set to bring measurable benefits in Employee Wellbeing to organisations, which includes;

  • Tailored Health Assessments

    A tailored health assessment is a personalised evaluation of an individual's physical and mental health, designed to establish their specific needs and requirements. The assessment typically includes a thorough evaluation of the employee's medical history and any relevant screening tests, such as immunisations and physical fitness tests.

    The assessment results are then used to make recommendations on the employee's fitness for work and identify areas where support or rehabilitation may be needed.

  • Employee Wellbeing Strategy Assessment

    An Employee Wellbeing Strategy Assessment is used to determine the current health and wellness needs of the employees in your company. It can consist of questions about physical and mental health, work environment, and personal stressors, with the goal of understanding what you can do to improve the overall wellbeing of your employees.

  • Health Improvement

    We believe in helping businesses in promoting a healthy lifestyle for all employees. To achieve this, we make recommendations on dietary and lifestyle changes, and discuss how making these changes can help individuals improve their overall health and wellbeing.

  • Psychological Interventions

    These treatments aim to improve mental health and build workforce resilience. They can involve counselling, talk therapy, behavioural therapy, or other methods to help your employees manage stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues related to their job.

  • Onsite Health Coaches

    We introduce professionals trained in the fields of health and wellness to work within your business to promote healthy behaviours and lifestyles among employees. They can help your employees improve their physical and mental health through personalised coaching, wellness programmes, and other educational initiatives.

  • Fit for Role Workshops

    These workshops are Occupational Health led initiatives that aim to help employees develop role-specific awareness of how maintaining health and fitness can help them perform job duties more effectively.

  • Healthy Living Education

    These are programmes (or a series of sessions) aimed at teaching individuals how to lead a healthy lifestyle. They focus on topics such as healthy eating habits, physical activity, stress management, and other aspects of well-being that can impact one's health. The goal of Healthy Living Education is to promote overall health and well-being, which can have a positive impact on work performance and reduce absenteeism.

  • Digital Employee Benefits Programmes

    Our bespoke digital wellness initiatives use web and mobile apps to provide employees with tools, resources, and support to improve their overall health and wellbeing. These programmes aim to empower your employees to take control of their health and wellbeing, and to support you in promoting a healthy and engaged workforce.

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Bringing it all together...

As you can see, an effectiveEmployee Wellbeing Strategy encompasses a range of areas, including diet, lifestyle, mental health, and physical health. Working with us at UKIM ensures that your business has access to a highly qualified multidisciplinary clinical team, providing you with first-class independent medical advice.

Our commitment to you...

Being your Occupational Health partner, you can rest assured that your employees' health and wellbeing are safe. Let us help you create a happier and healthier workplace, where everyone benefits.


Our commitment to you


Download our latest Service Overview leaflet

Your handy guide to the Occupational Health services we can supply and support your business with - click the image below for your PDF copy;


Are you an employee?

If you have any health conditions or concerns that you are worried may impact your performance at work, we would encourage you to discuss them with your employer in a transparent and open manner. They may be able to provide support or a referral to our Occupational Health services (like Physiotherapy or Counselling) to help you manage your health at work.

You can also get more information by reading through our Occupational Health Assessment FAQ for Employees ››

Our Clinical Experts provide insights on developing your own Employee Wellbeing Strategy.

The UKIM team of professionals publish regular news and service columns about Employee Wellbeing, providing additional insight into the scope of Occupational Health services we can offer to businesses.

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Learn more about our range of Occupational Health services for businesses...

Our team of experts adopt a holistic, end-to-end approach to tackling the physical and mental health challenges your workforce may encounter and treat them through a range of effective occupational health solutions, including:

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