Employee Wellbeing Strategies

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Bespoke employee wellbeing campaigns that focus upon physical, psychological and social health improvement.

UKIM deliver measurable Employee Wellbeing Improvement projects for our customers; focusing on productivity and return on investment through improving Employee Wellbeing.

We realise that all employees enter at a different stage along the wellbeing continuum. Our project based approach considers the biological, psychological and sociological wellbeing factors and our specialist wellbeing project managers create a wellbeing project plan.

We utilise the following unique product set to deliver measurable Employee Wellbeing benefits to organisations:

  • Tailored Health Assessments

    What are Tailored Health Assessments?

    Include discussion and measurement of alcohol consumption, blood pressure, HDL cholesterol, glucose, cardiovascular risk, waist-to-hip ratio, percentage body fat indicator.

  • Employee Wellbeing Needs Assessment

    What is an Employee Wellbeing Needs Assessment?

    With our biopsychosocial model we look at the physical, psychological and sociological factors that can affect presenteeism, sickness, absence and injury. 

  • Health Improvement

    What is Health Improvement?

    Includes exercise prescription, nutrition advice, cessation support & lifestyle advice.

  • Psychological Interventions

    What are Psychological Interventions?

    Counselling & tips to support resilience.

  • Onsite Health Coaches

    What are Onsite Health Coaches?

    Includes training employee health champions.

  • Fit for Role Workshops

    What are Fit for Role Workshops?

    Based on role-specific risks and pre-employment assessments. 

  • Healthy Living Education

    What is Healthy Living Education?

    Includie discussion of work/life balance, health coaching, life resilience advice.

  • Digital Employee Benefits Programmes

    What are Digital Employee Benefits Programmes?

    Includes bespoke health & wellbeing apps.


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