Absence Management - Are you managing it?

Absence management and sickness within the workforce are costing the UK economy a lot
, with circa 141.4 million working days lost because of sickness or injury in 2018 (ONS).

Calculating the cost for your business won’t be this much, but it’s still a devastating cost -  especially in the current global COVID-19 pandemic we are currently facing. UKIM Occupational Health & Wellbeing are providing a free of charge advice line for customers supporting absence and COVID-19 related absences that cover workplace adjustments, rehabilitation and advice on the Equality Act. The trending issues and advice we are providing cover:

  • Staff working on business premises
  • Furloughed staff returning to work
  • Shielding staff returning to work
  • Staff with vulnerable family members
  • Staff on sick leave
  • Staff who are carers
  • Staff returning to work after contracting Coronavirus

Are you making sure your workforce is in good health?

Our main focus at UKIM is to ensure your staff remain at work in a safe, happy and pleasant working environment. Be it through ensuring a rapid return to work to overall general good health and returning to regular work following an absence. 

Our team of specialists are committed to exceeding the expectations of employers and delivering support to employees. We do this by maximising your workforce’s work capacity by building strength and resilience, both biologically, psychologically and sociologically. 

Our approach to Absence Management is tried and tested

We recognise that each staff absence is different, so we manage every case individually by supporting your employees back to work through our tried and tested multi-disciplinary interventions and access to our specialist rehabilitation services.  

We also have a range of Employee Wellbeing Strategies that focus on productivity and return on investment through improving employee wellbeing.  

Let us help you to analyse and identify the reasons for staff absence to improve the overall productivity of your workforce and help support your business objectives. 

For more information on how our Case Management & Absence Management Strategies can help your business, please call 0191 512 8220 or email info@ukim-oh.com