Are you managing your employee absence effectively?

Are you managing your employee absence effectively?

The cost of employee absence for many companies is somewhat rising significantly. Yet, businesses are not monitoring these costs in many cases, let alone the impact employee absences have on the remaining workforce.

There are several reasons why employees may need time off work, from short-term sickness, having to care for an elderly relative, having childcare issues, to a range of long-term health issues. Not to mention the impact the Coronavirus pandemic is having on people, whether they are having to self isolate if they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive or even contracted the virus themselves.

A practical and effective absence management framework is imperative to support your employees’ health and wellbeing needs. The framework should provide precise and consistent guidance and support for an employer in an effort to avoid further unauthorised absences or the improper use of sick pay schemes.

At UKIM, we understand how important it is to manage your employee absences effectively. Our expert team of clinicians from Occupational Health Nurses, Physicians, Account Managers and experienced Clinical Administrators are entirely dedicated to delivering a range of Occupational Health services with a clear structure of accountability. Our straightforward advice is designed to reduce absences and promote wellbeing within the workforce. We also look at a range of other factors that could be contributing to the absence or illnesses of employees - we call this our biopsychosocial pathway.

Our unique biopsychosocial approach considers several factors contributing to employees’ health and illness, such as biological characteristics, behavioural factors such as stress and lifestyle, and social conditions such as cultural influences, family relationships and social support.

We then create your own unique pathway in which was can prevent, assess and treat future absences within the workforce.

biopsychosocial pathways to prevent assess and treat

Our consultative occupational health approach delivers a service that is entirely designed to support you, your business and your employees. We’ll start by constructing a detailed ‘Needs Review’. This review will cover statutory compliance and risk, employee population data - including site location visits and cultural profiles.

From the results of our needs assessment, we then design an occupational health service that meets your needs and helps you to discharge your statutory and legal obligations.

At UKIM, we are totally committed to delivering the highest commercial, operational and clinical delivery standards across the UK for all of our Occupational Health & Employee Wellbeing customers. Get in touch with our team to discuss your commercial business needs and how we can support your absence management.