Are you worried about your employees’ wellbeing during the pandemic?


Are you also struggling to manage staff productivity with your remote workforce? Do you need help managing your absence management? 

It’s tricky managing employees productivity when everyone is working remotely. Engaging and connecting with employees is now more critical than ever, especially during the current coronavirus pandemic.  

With employees working remotely, it can create feelings of isolation, creating anxiety. They may also have concerns about what to do if they become ill while working at home - all these concerns can lead to huge amounts of stress. 

Supporting the wellbeing of your employees

It is crucial to advise employees on how best to separate their work and home lives, and allow some flexibility, as well as: 

  • Setting expectations 
  • Tracking progress
  • Building rapport with team members 
  • Holding weekly team meetings
  • Having regular 1:1 sessions 
  • Providing emotional support 

At UKIM Occupational Health, our Absence & Presenteeism Management solutions can help. Our extensive skill set and trained workforce can fully support employers in managing sickness and fitness for work.  With our timely absence management advice and our range of preventative solutions and early identification techniques, we will support your employees’ mental health and reduce absence management. 

Ask about our digital case management system

We offer employers comprehensive support through our absence management platform.  It’s an intelligent case management system that digitally refers to a range of rehabilitation services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and graduated counselling through psychology and psychiatry.

We work in partnership with our clients and share your absence and return to work objectives. 

Our proven early intervention techniques in sickness absence cases, coupled with our commitment to drive through absence cases quickly and effectively, stand us apart.