Blue Monday - just one day?


'Blue Monday' - the most depressing day of the year (according to a UK travel company and psychologist partnership in 2004). Whilst it was created originally as a PR stunt and hasn’t been proven to be accurate, it’s not completely shocking to hear that a Monday in gloomy January is a bit of a depressing day.

Christmas is over, twinkly lights are gone, the weather is mostly dark, wet, cold, and unfortunately, it’s a painfully long stretch until payday. Combining these things with Seasonal Affective Disorder, means that it can be a depressing day (or just a depressing time) for many.

Poor mental health doesn't generally strike on just one day

All of these variables may be contributing to poor mental health, but it’s not just for one specific day. The decline in mental health can be for any amount of time, thus making ‘Blue Monday’ controversial. In the workplace, mental health should be considered by employers and managers every day and all year-round.

Our Lead Psychologist Dr Kayode, previously discussed ways to combat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Rather than labelling it as 'Blue Monday', it might be the case that people are experiencing SAD and it’s important that workplaces take this into consideration.

Poor mental health in the workplace can be tackled with some proven wellbeing practices:

  • A mental wellbeing champion
  • Open conversations between staff and management
  • Company training in mental health
  • Team building activities to build and strengthen relationships in the workplace
  • Mindfulness sessions
  • Encourage break time
  • Walking on breaks
  • Occupational health practitioners and counsellors

At UKIM Occupational Health and Wellbeing, we offer bespoke wellbeing strategies for businesses so that both the staff and the organisation can thrive. Our expert team, made up of highly skilled clinicians, are here to help organisations sustain and improve employee wellbeing with tools such as tailored health assessments, onsite health coaches, digital wellness initiatives, psychological interventions, and more.

Take this 'Blue Monday' to improve wellbeing strategies within the workplace and set into motion exceptional occupational health with UKIM.