Coronavirus Fitness For Work Advice For HR And Safety Professionals


Having a thriving and productive workforce is key to any business, and now more than ever, following the Coronavirus pandemic, this can be especially challenging. 

At UKIM Occupational Health, we provide free fitness for work advice and guidance to support employers who are unsure of the legalities surrounding employees returning to work.

Advice and guidance on employee absence

Our trained Occupational Health Nurse Advisors are on hand to provide a whole host of comprehensive advice and guidance on a range of factors that can affect employee absences. We assess physical, psychological & sociological aspects, to help employers manage their employee's sickness and fitness for work within the workplace. 

You are maybe an HR Manager, HR Advisor or a Trained Safety Professional looking for further guidance or clarification on an employee that is currently on sick leave or an employee looking to return to work, or you’re maybe looking for advice on:  

  • Staff working on business premises
  • Shielding staff returning to work
  • Staff with vulnerable family members
  • Staff who are carers

Successfully managing employee absence

Our employee absence management focus at UKIM is on providing timely advice and support to employers to ensure their staff are fit at work, present and working safely to maximise productivity and overall work capacity. We do this with our pragmatic approach on building strength and resilience, both biologically, psychologically and sociologically. 

Call us today on 0191 512 8220 (lines are open 9 am – 5 pm) to speak to one of our trained Occupational Health Nurse Advisors or contact us via email.

Please note, this is not an advice line for employees.