Emotional & Physical Exhaustion in the Legal Sector

Why legal professional need to take mental wellbeing seriously.

Working day in, day out with lots of intense work means that there’s big risks of burnout; this is when you feel emotionally and physically exhausted and it can often be a result of work-related stress.

Heavy workloads and long working hours are very common in the legal sector, so the risk of burnout is significantly high. According to LawCare;

legal professionals are at a high risk of burnout” and have the “lowest psychological safety, and highest work intensity score.”

It’s evident that there’s a lack of support when it comes to emotional and mental wellbeing in the legal sector and this is incredibly damaging on the individuals in the profession, as well as legal businesses on a whole. Here at UKIM, we believe that everyday health matters and mental wellbeing is a crucial part of this - businesses need to take it seriously.

Legal professionals face long working hours, heavy workloads, emotionally distressing cases, lack of work-life balance, and more. All of these things contribute to declining mental health and wellbeing; this is where UKIM Occupational Health and Wellbeing step in. Our tailored wellbeing package is there to support legal professionals in not only their job, but also in their personal life.

There can be lots of ways to tackle burnout, but here are some top-tips and suggestions from UKIM’s Consultant Occupational Health Physician, Alison Tweedie:

  • Scheduling relaxation or down-time
  • Being stricter with working hours
  • Planning and organising workloads
  • 10 minutes of mindfulness every day
  • No screen time before bed for a better night’s sleep
  • Exercise reduces stress, helps you sleep, keeps you physically well, and more.

As part of our bespoke Wellbeing in Legal package, we offer services such as 24/7 counselling support, Employee Assistance Programmes, psychological services, clinical escalation and more. We aim to improve the mental health of those in the legal sector and help businesses or firms with the management and monitoring of staff’s wellbeing. To achieve this, we listen and tailor our services so that they best suit your business and staff.