Importance of Occupational Health Physiotherapy Services within the workforce

Fostering Employee Wellbeing within the workforce is proven to be beneficial for both your staff and your business. 

Promoting and maintaining wellbeing ultimately improves your workforce’s occupational health, preventing a range of issues such as stress, absence, presenteeism, and occupational injury to create a positive working environment where both individuals and businesses can thrive. 

Businesses that look after their workforce are proven to have a higher staff retention rate. This leads to employees being more committed to the business and their team and being willing to grow with the company, meaning the business processes become more efficient and productive.

How our unique Occupational Health strategy helps businesses

At UKIM, we can help implement a range of occupational health services designed to maintain and improve the wellbeing of your workforce. We have developed a unique occupational health & wellbeing strategy that focuses on a combination of Physical, Psychological and Sociological factors. Coupled with our consultative approach, our service is entirely designed to support your business and employees. 

In terms of our three factors, they are broken down by the following services:

Case Management

Occupational Psychology & Counselling

Absence & Presenteeism Management


Pre-placement Assessment

Health Surveillance

What are the challenges?

Despite the growth of stress-related illness amongst employees, Musculoskeletal (MSK) issues still remain one of the biggest reasons for staff taking time off work. In some cases, staff still attend work but are less productive due to their MSK disorders - this is costing UK businesses as much as £15billion a year. 

According to the CIPD, in 2016, 30.8 million days were lost due to musculoskeletal problems, which accounted for 22.4% of total sickness absence, with around 1 in 5 people consulting a GP about musculoskeletal problems each year. 

Prevention through OH Services is key 


The availability of workplace Occupational Physiotherapy services for employees is a cost-effective investment for an employer in the long term. 

Having access to professional care allows for early intervention and the prevention of potential problems before a condition becomes chronic - which in turn could result in employees having to take time off work, itself leading to a range of psychological & wellbeing conditions. 

We offer care tailored to both the individual and the employers’ needs, providing vital work to resolve/prevent MSK disorders within the workplace. These could include advising on heavy lifting, posture, adjusting a workstation, post-operative recovery, or suggesting a range of simple exercises that can be done at home as part of the treatment plan. 

Our Physiotherapy Services


Our Physiotherapy services help employees safely use movement and equipment within their job roles to improve their overall health levels. This is achieved through exercise, manual therapy, education and advice to help manage pain, recover fitness and strength to facilitate recovery.  Once discharged from our occupational health physiotherapy services, we will arm employees with a range of self-care initiatives to help them improve their condition towards full recovery.

At UKIM, we have one of the largest and most established physiotherapy networks in the UK, with over 800 treatment venues conveniently located that provide over 60,000 assessments and just short of 400,000 treatment sessions every year. 

Using clinically evidenced interventions, all our treatments are treated hands-on so we can restore movement and functionality when someone is affected by injury, illness or a disability quickly & efficiently.  

Our consultative approach means, from the outset, we’ll provide a detailed ‘Needs Review’. This covers statutory compliance and risk, employee population data - including site location visits and cultural profile. This enables us to design a service that entirely matches your commercial needs and help discharge your statutory and legal obligations.

For more information about our service or to discuss creating a bespoke plan for your business, get in touch by calling 0191 512 8220 or click here to contact us.