Is poor Employee Health eating into your bottom line?

Find out how our Health Surveillance services can lead to long-term improvements in the Occupational Health of your workforce...


The ramifications of employee illness & sickness to a business.

With ever-increasing workloads, having to turn your home into an office and maybe having to look after children or an elderly relative can all lead to staff illness. Another considerable risk is general lifestyle such as poor diet, fitness for work, musculoskeletal disorders to name but a few.

At UKIM, we aim to help employers to improve their workforce’s occupational health and wellbeing. We can do this in many ways via our 1700+ established physicians and leading occupational health, physiotherapy, counselling, rehabilitation services specialists, and our bespoke support tools.

How Health Surveillance can help your business

This is where our flexible Health Surveillance support tool comes into its own. It’s built on health surveillance, fitness for work, and general lifestyle assessments. It is the perfect way to support your business across multiple locations and shift patterns.

We will not only manage your health surveillance programme to include new starters, leavers and employees that are changing job function or role but will review your health surveillance and fitness for work requirements free of charge.

What are the benefits of health surveillance and fitness for work programmes?

  • Improves Employee Productivity
  • Reduces Employee Burnout
  • Reduces Staff Turnover

Along with our recent SEQOHS accreditation, we are fully committed to delivering the highest commercial, operational and clinical delivery standards across the UK.

Contact us to find out more about our robust Health Surveillance model can support your business.