Large Corporation or SME?

It's Occupational Health Awareness week

We think that it’s crucial to emphasise how important it is for businesses, small or large, to work with extraordinary occupational health specialists and nurses. Not only is it incredibly necessary and beneficial for members of staff, but it also aids the business through retention and improving absenteeism.

UKIM Head of Occupational Health Operations, Angela Evans, shares why businesses need to invest in their staff’s physical and mental wellbeing and safety:

“It's important that businesses, no matter the size, invest in their Occupational Health. Not only is it a legal requirement as part of an employer’s duty of care, but also, it’s important to take care of employees and to create a happy and healthy working environment. It allows businesses to operate better and more smoothly. Not only will it improve staff attendance, but it also enhances the productivity levels and work quality when employees are at work. Good occupational health is mutually beneficial and is a key investment.”

With over 30 years in the Occupational Health industry, Angela has seen it all:

“Having been in this industry for many years, and working with different clients, I’ve seen just how effective good occupational health services in creating strong businesses. The happiness levels, and mutual respect between employers and employees, has been wonderful to see and it’s a real pleasure to know that you have helped make a difference. It’s great seeing businesses grow and strengthen internally, but then externally as well. It’s like that saying of some sort ‘you need to take care of yourself first before you can truly help others’; this applies to occupational health and business. You can’t provide a good service to customers, grow as a business, or run smoothly, if you aren’t strong and taken care of internally.”

Angela’s extensive knowledge provides us with great advantages in the Occupational Health sector:

“My experience, alongside my colleagues’, gives us a rather unique advantage because having been an occupational health nurse myself, I know exactly what we need to do and what to look for when we’re recruiting clinicians. I like to make sure that we provide the best service there can be. My day to day consists of growing our clientele and ensuring that we deliver the services that we said we would deliver, at an exceptionally high standard.”

At UKIM we believe that everyone should be supported at work with their mental and physical health, and that’s why we offer many occupational health services, ranging from everyday employee wellbeing to physiotherapy and more. We have recently launched our Wellbeing in Sports package too – a service designed to reduce the negative impact of poor mental health in professional sport and surrounding stages. We have a national network of clinicians to deliver tailored support across the UK to customers in both the public and private sector.

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