Meet Glenn Robertson

Meet Glenn Robinson - MSc GradDipPhys MCSP
Chartered Physiotherapist

I have been a Chartered Physiotherapist for over 30 years, and after working across a range of sectors, I realised just how prevalent musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders are in the workplace.

I have a growing interest in the importance of ergonomics and the direct impact that functional design can have on the prevention of injuries in the workplace. This led me to complete an MSc in Ergonomics (Human Factors) at Loughborough University.

Musculoskeletal disorders – so that’s anything affecting the joints, bones or muscles - affect approximately half a million UK workers each year, often resulting in time off work or underperformance at work. This is a huge cost to employers, but these MSK instances can be mitigated through ergonomic intervention, and financial benefits can be realised.

What a day in the life of being a Physiotherapist involves

In addition to managing and coaching our onsite team, I like to get hands-on with the clinical aspect of my role, which involves me carrying out employee assessments, delivering treatment and rehabilitation and proactively managing their case to gain the best outcomes. 

As an ergonomic specialist, I also collaborate with key client stakeholders, including engineers, health & safety and product development teams, to advise on best practice methods to reduce the impact of production processes on MSK conditions and improve organisational efficiencies.   

I truly believe that preventing injuries is preferable to curing them. Driving a culture of prevention and self-management can be significantly critical in helping employers manage the cost of an ill-health workforce.   

Fun Fact

Previously, I was a physiotherapist for Durham County Cricket Club and Northumberland County RFU.

I firmly believe that preventing injuries is preferable to curing them.