Occupational Health Awareness Week

Occupational Health Awareness Week (OHAW) 2022 ran from the 19th - 24th June.  The aim of the awareness week was to raise awareness of the health & well-being of employees throughout the UK.  

Occupational Health Awareness Week was sponsored this year by both COHPA and SOM.

A recent YouGov survey launched during OHAW found that only a small fraction of adults in England believe that the health and wellness measures some businesses currently choose for their employees are important. 

Now more than ever, business leaders need to be aware of the critical risks associated with a range of workplace ill-health in an effort to become more proactive and seek expertise from occupational health specialists such as ourselves.

With ill health costing £10.6 billion to UK businesses in 2018-19; now is the time for businesses to take action. 

Alan Ballard, Partnership Director, UKIM  quoted”, Many businesses just don’t recognise the importance of occupational health services within their business until it’s too late- many just see it as ticking a box. Occupational Health Awareness Week aimed to raise these concerns in an effort to change perception. Appointing appropriate OH service providers like ourselves will enable businesses to deliver the right level of strategic health advice within the workplace”.

The aim is to raise awareness of the need for occupational health within the workplace and recruit much-needed nurses into the occupational health profession. There is a need to recruit several positions within occupational health from OH for nurses, physicians, health technicians, occupational therapists, psychologists, hygienists, disability assessors and more. 

At UKIM, we provide a proactive, focused and innovative approach to occupational health. Our multi-disciplinary approach maintains the well-being of employees within the workplace by preventing and removing ill-health. Our strategic and robust approach to occupational health enables us to deliver a range of solutions that help identify a range of health issues early, ensuring employees are safe and well whilst at work. Click here to find out more about our services.

More information about Occupational Health Awareness Week can be found here.

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