Why use a commercial Occupational Health provider?

What are the benefits of using a commercial Occupational Health provider?

With more staff absences than ever before – estimated to cost the economy around £100bn a year - you need to get your employees back on their feet as quickly as possible, which is where the benefits of a commercial Occupational Health provider come in.
Occupational Health (OH) is a method devoted purely to keeping your workforce healthy, ensuring your employees are able to work to the best of their ability and deliver optimum performance.

This involves managing short term and long term health problems, developing absence management strategies to help staff with on-going health issues and taking steps to reduce employee absence due to sickness.

So, why is it more beneficial to use a commercial Occupational Health provider?

Why should you partner with UKIM for support and guidance?

You need an OH provider able to move quickly and efficiently, deliver results when you need them, take in the bigger picture and work collaboratively to develop a bespoke Wellness Programme aligned with your organisation’s values and vision.
As a commercial OH provider, that is exactly what we can do. We have the capability to respond quickly to the needs of your organisation and its individual people, ensuring they are restored to optimum fitness as quickly as possible, without any unnecessary delays or waiting lists.
Established in 2003, we have grown year on year and now serve an extensive client base across the private and public sectors. Committed to using technological advancements to improve our service, we have a track record of providing customer-focused solutions that deliver convenience, speed, innovation and quality, and are a member of the Commercial Occupational Health Providers Association (COHPA).
Why is Employee Wellbeing important?

Employee wellbeing should be the number one priority of any business, especially in the current climate, following the challenges of lockdown and the pandemic. Those businesses that don’t have workplace wellbeing strategies in place are at risk of a potentially unhappy workforce, lower employee productivity and greater absence levels.
As a commercial provider specialising in occupational psychology, we can introduce an Employee Wellbeing programme with occupational counselling, offering confidentiality, support and early intervention where necessary, helping your employees to remain at work.
Occupational Health expertise

With the capability to focus on the physical, psychological and sociological factors facing your business, we can implement absence management strategies specifically designed to support your organisation, helping to keep your employees fit, happy and productive.
To find out more about a tailored Occupational Health and Wellbeing Programme, with occupational counselling and presenteeism management, please contact UKIM either by calling 0191 512 8220 or emailing wellbeing@ukim-oh.com.