Transition & Mental Wellbeing


The football transfer window has officially closed.

That means there’s a change-up in teams, locations, and training. This can stir up mixed emotions as players can be excited for the future, sad to leave teammates behind, and they can be anxious about their place in their new team and how they’ll fit in. It’s clear that new players and moves aren’t always successful; it can sometimes be the case where the player isn’t actually a good fit for the team for various reasons.

From the beginning of their career, right up until the end, football players experience transitions into new clubs frequently. Difficulties with transitions between clubs, on top of the high amounts of hate, criticisms, and injuries, means that players are vulnerable when it comes to mental wellbeing. It can have an impact on their physical health, family life, and work life; it’s easy to feel like it’s all getting on-top of players and like there’s not much help or people who can understand.

Having occupational health and wellbeing support during these times will make things run more smoothly for both the club and the player. Psychological support and wellbeing strategies will help players learn ways to cope with their feelings in a positive and helpful way. It’ll maintain and improve the player’s mental health, so that they can thrive on and off the pitch.

UKIM’s Lead Psychologist, Dr Kayode, says:

“In general, people always have different life changes and how they cope with that can be different also. For example, the most common or recurring change is transitioning. When people are transitioning, into sports or from school to professional, from team to team, it’s common for people (and of course players) to feel overwhelmed or stressed. I think that different aspects from counselling psychology can be helpful because it offers support for the athlete and helps them to understand how to manage the overwhelming stresses and the difficulties and so that they can excel in every aspect of their lives.”

Poor mental health can be tackled with UKIM Occupational Health and Wellbeing. We offer a range of non-prohibitive support to players and clubs, to ensure that their mental wellbeing is protected and taken as seriously as the signing of players.