Change & Mental Wellbeing

Why is a consistent level of mental health support important?

In a competitive sporting world where managers get sacked, supporter opinions vary, lineups change, and injuries can strike at any time, it’s crucial that players get support throughout the tumultuous industry. The level of support provided should be the one consistent part of the sport.

Because the instability of sport such as football, can have an impact on players’ mental health, which can then affect their performance on the pitch. Players encounter injuries, they get used to certain coaches, training methods, and sometimes, certain teammates just work well together. When things get changed up, it can sometimes cause disruption to the flow of the team and players’ mental health.

Humans are creatures of habit, and changes can often trigger uncomfortable feelings and anxiety. For footballers and their careers, there’s a lot of change and these changes can happen quickly, with little to no time to process it – this can contribute towards poor mental health in the sporting industry.

Why is the Transfer Window a particularly stressful time?

Twice a year, players face the ‘transfer window’ and ‘transfer deadline day’. These times can cause a rise in anxiety and pressure for players. They want to keep their jobs and not be released, and they might not want to move to another team etc. Their lives during these two periods come down to performances, contracts, and deals.

Injuries are prevalent in all sports, and in football, it means changes and shocks at any moment. Whether it’s a small injury and they can’t play for a short while, to a more serious long-term injury, players should be supported with the changes and worries that come along with physical impairment. The recurring questions being, will they ever play again or play the same again? These injuries can also affect what happens during the ‘transfer window’ and whether players are signed to other teams or not.

At UKIM Occupational Health and Wellbeing, we believe that players need to be supported throughout their sporting career and particularly during these times of transition and uncertainty so that they can move on effectively and prosper. That’s why we have a bespoke Wellbeing in Sport package, with a specific transition support strategy.