UKIM Launches Wellbeing in Sport Service to Support Player Mental Wellbeing

UKIM Launches Wellbeing in Sport Service to Support Player Mental Wellbeing

Here at UKIM, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Bradford City AFC, where we will be providing the club players with bespoke mental health and wellbeing support.

With the work of our expert, HCPC-Approved clinicians, we will be offering initial and follow-up wellbeing assessments for players to ensure that they get the support they need. As well as regular assessments, we will be providing the club and players with a 24-hour helpline and prompt clinical escalation help should this be required.

From the first team to the academy and career-end players, all will have access to this support throughout their journey as professional athletes no matter what the stage.

Ian Scanlan, Managing Director of UKIM, said:

“Proactive mental health and wellbeing care is a must for any professional athlete in this day and age, and it is great to see Bradford City adopting a comprehensive policy to protect their players.”

Ben Jones, UKIM Sports Consultant, added:

“I am proud that Bradford City are the first football club to enhance their player support package in this way. The care now afforded across the club is groundbreaking and will benefit players, coaches and staff immensely.”

Bradford City’s Player Welfare Officer, Robbie Bloodworth, said:

“This partnership with UKIM represents a huge step in our journey to support our players’ mental health to the same capacity we do their physical health, providing a person-first, athlete-second service.

“A proactive approach to mental health promotion is essential to help our players to flourish, as the mere absence of a mental ill health condition is not a barometer of a player displaying optimal levels of wellbeing.
“By supporting our players in such ways, we are helping them create a solid platform to achieve their personal and performance goals, both in and out of a sporting environment.”

At UKIM we are excited about the future of mental health and wellbeing in sports and we’re looking forward to it growing. Our Occupational Health team and services are available to help sporting clubs and academies with mental health and wellbeing adversities.

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