What is it like to be part of the UKIM family?


The UKIM team is growing more and more every day.

With clinicians all across the UK, and our headquarters here in Durham, we’re ready to support and offer bespoke occupational health and wellbeing care no matter where you are. For that level of care, you need the best team and we’re so proud we have that. Here’s what some of them had to say about being part of the UKIM family …

Alan Ballard, Partnerships Director:

“I have the pleasure of working with our staff here in our Northeast Head Office and across the UK where we provide services across the spectrum of occupational health, wellbeing, rehabilitation, and organisational health. Working with our staff is a pleasure, our workplace culture promotes a professional and supportive environment. Our teams have an infectious motivation to deliver the highest quality services to our customers while having fun as we progress on our journey of growth.
I have been at UKIM for four years and I can see why lots of staff have been working here for fifteen years or more!”

Hilary Cheyne, Occupational Health Advisor:

“There are lots of things I like about working as an OHA at UKIM, but the thing I like the most is that we have such a variation of cases that it keeps things interesting and not many days are the same! Not only is everyone presenting with different symptoms, but their job roles are different, and their expectations about work are different too. I like speaking to a variety of people from different backgrounds, and at UKIM I get that that due to the varied nature of contracts.”

Laura Sharp, Lead Occupational Health Advisor:

“UKIM has opened up career opportunities for me in a field I love. I feel well supported, encouraged, and like a valued member of the team. UKIM has allowed me to increase my managerial responsibilities and has provided me with excellent training. My job is different every day and I love the variety it brings. I enjoy being able to help employees and my team to provide good quality occupational health services.”