What's your Employee Wellbeing Strategy?


As England returns to Plan A, employees are starting to return to the office, but many are still working from home for the foreseeable future - or in some cases indefinitely. 

Businesses have seen an increase in employee productivity with home-based employees achieving a good work-life balance. However, it's important not to forget about the negative aspects of remote working, which can impact mental health and can lead to the development of Presenteeism

Do you have an Employee Wellbeing strategy in place?

Many employees have seen the flip side of home working and found themselves working much longer hours for several reasons. It could be to accommodate their families, relatives they care for, financial worries or the fact they have had much less social interaction. All of these factors have led to burnout, frustration and loneliness - all of which can directly affect wellbeing.

Some businesses are now opting for Hybrid Working to combat these issues.  

What is Hybrid Working? 

Hybrid working is a flexible working pattern where employees can split their time between the workplace and home. 

A perfect example of this would be if you worked full time, spending two days a week working in the office and three working remotely.

The hybrid working model is an ideal solution to consider if your employees have been suffering whilst working remotely. But why?  Well, for many reasons. It's easing employees back into the workplace, slowly. They may have a degree of anxiety at the prospect of suddenly having to work in an office of 50 people compared to working solely on their own for the last 18 months. They could have an underlying health condition or a vulnerable relative - which may lead them to feel they are putting themselves or their relative at risk by going straight back into the work environment. 

This is where implementing an Employee Wellbeing programme will benefit both your employees and your business. 

What is an Employee Wellbeing programme? 

An Employee Wellbeing programme is where employers invest in their employees to provide them with a plethora of resources that assist in supporting their wellbeing. These wellbeing at work programmes help to relieve the pressures that impact staff wellness through a range of benefits.

At UKIM, our Employee Wellbeing Strategy programme has been developed to create a holistic approach to employees’ physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. We deliver these bespoke and measurable employee wellbeing improvement projects for our customers, focusing on employee productivity and providing a return on investment. 

Are you looking to implement a robust Employee Strategy within your workforce?

Combined with our expert knowledge and a team of over 200 experienced professionals who deliver a range of occupational health, physiotherapy, counselling, and rehabilitation services, our bespoke occupational health portal can also offer an intelligent digital software solution that manages your work occupational health to support improvement.   

This digital Occupational Health Portal is designed to help our clients understand how health impacts their work and how to manage work-related healthcare costs while supporting their employee health improvement. 


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