Why building strength and resilience within the workplace is as important than ever

Many businesses are looking at ways to maximise employee work capacity whilst managing employees’ strength and resilience. 

We know that maximising work capacity for any business is tricky, with many employees hybrid/ remote working; then with the added pressure of the current cost-of-living crisis, not to mention rising interest rates along with other well-known factors such as illness, bereavement, stress and common mental health issues. The ramifications of staff absence for employers are vast.

Not only is there a cost implication, but there are also high administration costs, a lack of qualified staff to deal with any issues, having to recruit temporary workers to cover absent leave, and low morale within the workforce with present staff having to cover workloads. 

How we support employers with Absence Management

Our holistic approach to Absence Management will reduce the cost and impact of employee absence and disability and improve productivity to retain and motivate employees. 

At UKIM, we have a range of solutions that can support both the employer and employee with our holistic absence management service. We will: 

  • Provide you with a solid pathway in which you can maximise your employee's work capacity 
  • Ensure you have a defined plan in place to ensure staff absences are kept to a minimum
  • Refer a range of rehabilitation services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and graduated counselling through psychology and psychiatry via our intelligent case management system. 
  • Simplify the entire process with our intelligent software to automate and manage complex workflows such as referral, pre-placement, health surveillance and management reports.

How can I get help in creating a healthy workplace culture?

We aim to work with employers to create a culture of resilience within your workforce, providing you with resources to manage employees' stress, helping them to build strength & stability - all of which mitigates against further issues. 

AT UKIM, we recognise the need to ensure your staff are working effectively and productively.

Get in touch and let our team of clinicians develop a plan to reduce your absence management.