Why Employee Wellbeing Is Imperative For Every Business

The employee well-being of staff should be imperative for your business.
There’s proven evidence that suggests the healthier and happier a workforce is, the more productive they become.

Many employees now look to their employers to be conscious of their well-being needs. This can be achieved in many ways, such as creating a healthy work culture that promotes the wellbeing of a workforce.  At UKIM, we pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have built with employers, helping them to adopt and incorporate a range of wellbeing strategies to build, maintain and improve the overall wellbeing of their workforce.

Adopting an employee wellbeing strategy

This is done by our all-around approach of focusing on both the inside & outside of the workplace in equal measures. With the adoption of hybrid and remote work arrangements since the Covid-19 pandemic, it's crucial to recognise that the landscape of work has evolved significantly. These changes have intertwined with factors such as cost of living, interest rates, and even issues like food poverty, all of which now have a direct bearing on individuals' mental wellbeing. 

The significance of Occupational Health interventions for employers has reached new heights.

The fusion of remote work and office working has necessitated a reevaluation of how we approach work-related wellbeing. Employees are not only contending with the usual workplace stressors but also dealing with financial pressures driven by escalating costs and fluctuating interest rates. As such, the imperative for employers to actively engage in Occupational Health interventions has become even more imperative.

By adopting these occupational health strategies, our overarching aim is to help and support employers in promoting the employee wellbeing of their workforce to prevent stress & illnesses arising in the workplace in an effort to create a positive working environment people can thrive in.

Employees can be at various stages in the wellbeing continuum, so our team of experienced Wellbeing Project Managers will create a range of bespoke wellbeing plans to take into varying factors - as one size does not fit all.  We consider factors such as the biological, psychological and sociological implications that can affect an employee's wellbeing when creating our employee wellbeing project plans.

Prevent, Assess and Treat


Our unique approach is delivered to ensure measurable employee wellbeing benefits, such as:

Tailored Occupational Health Assessments         
Employee Wellbeing Needs Assessment 
Health Improvement          
Psychological Interventions          
On-Site Health Coaches                  
Fit for Role Workshops                   
Healthy Living Education
Digital Employee Benefits Programmes

Our consultative approach means that you will receive a bespoke service that is entirely designed to support your business and its employees.