Why The Early Identification Of Mental Health Issues Is Key To A Productive Workforce

Occupational Health services within the workforce are now more critical than ever in supporting businesses following the pandemic.
With many employees showing signs of presenteeism in the workplace, we are fully aware of the factors contributing to this. One of these factors is Mental Health Issues. 

A recent study from the Mental Health Foundation has identified that over half of UK adults have felt anxious during the pandemic.  In a recent survey, Nuffield Health has also identified that 80% of UK residents feel working from home is having a negative impact on their mental health.

Why is it important to improve workplace mental health?

At UKIM Occupational Health & Wellbeing, we aim to build robust relationships with employers to facilitate, improve, and maintain your workforce’s occupational health and employee wellbeing to reduce presenteeism and support staff with mental health issues. 

We firmly believe that early identification of mental health issues is fundamental in offering long term support to your workforce. With our Prevent, Assess & Treat Biopsychosocial Pathway, we have a tried and tested process that allows us to identify issues. From there, we will define a pathway in which we can work together, meeting the needs of your business and ensuring maximum work capacity within your workforce. 

What are some early signs of mental health issues in the workplace?

With more staff working remotely, it can be harder to understand or identify if a team member is experiencing difficulties.
Some early signs can be: 

  • Outbursts & mood swings
  • Change in work habits 
  • Increased absenteeism & presenteeism 
  • Withdrawal of social activities/events/calls 
  • Lack of motivation 

How to support your HR department with workplace mental health issues.

UKIM can support your business with our robust occupational health and wellbeing initiatives for your employees; we can also: 

  • Support individuals to remain well and resilient with our proven initiatives  
  • Build awareness within the workplace both remotely and in-house 
  • Create a culture in which employees can be open about their mental health
  • Support employees to identify the early signs of mental health issues with our Health Surveillance support tool 
  • Assist employees with their stress management with our Anxiety Counselling and Grief Counselling support services. 
  • Work together to maximise work capacity and ensure your staff can return to work 

We believe that implementing our robust occupational health pathway can reduce sickness absence, improve staff engagement and increase productivity.