• We're Hiring
    We're Hiring 15/06/2022
  • Employee Wellbeing (1)
    Why Employee Wellbeing should be your No.1 priority 04/05/2022

    Why prioritising your employees’ wellbeing cultivates a positive working environment by ensuring your employees’ needs are met.

  • Employee Wellbeing Strategies
    Physical benefits of getting out and about for your employees 07/04/2022

    Evidence suggests being outside and spending around 20 minutes is enough to improve your well-being and reduce mental health — even if you don’t exercise, it’s just about being outside.

  • Musculoskeletal
    What is Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy? 08/03/2022

    Musculoskeletal therapy (MSK therapy) restores movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability

  • Employee Wellbeing
    What’s your employee wellbeing strategy? 08/02/2022

    Businesses have seen increased employee productivity, with many achieving an excellent work-life balance, but it's also had a negative impact on mental health and presenteeism.

  • Physiotherapy Therapies
    Importance of Occupational Health Physiotherapy Services within the workforce 24/01/2022

    Despite the growth of stress-related illness amongst employees, (MSK) musculoskeletal issues still remain one of the biggest reasons for staff taking time off work.

  • What Is An Occupational Health Assessment?
    What is an Occupational Health Assessment? 09/11/2021

    An Occupational Health Assessment also referred to as a Work Health Assessment, is a medical examination performed by a trained Occupational Health Physician/Adviser.

  • Mental Health Challenges In Your Workplace (1)
    Mental Health Challenges in your Workplace? 02/11/2021

    Reduce absenteeism and improve productivity and engagement by giving your employees access to always-on support and clinically approved educational content via UKIM's online wellness solution.

  • What Is Employee Wellbeing
    What is Employee Wellbeing? 25/10/2021

    Employee Wellbeing is the general wellness and wellbeing of your employees. Be it the physical, mental or social factors that contribute to their overall wellbeing.