Lack of Sleep and the Impact on Productivity in the Workplace


I’m sure we could all agree that sleep is the best.

Headache? Sleep it off. Fighting off a cold? Plenty of sleep. Want to feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead? Have a good night’s sleep.

But, in a society filled with overworking, technology, and poor general mental health, there’s been a reduction in the amounts and quality of sleep. A 2024 survey in Champion Health’s Workplace Report, shows that a staggering 47% employees report waking up regularly during the night and 35% struggling to fall asleep.

This then takes a toll on employees and has an impact on their work and productivity levels. It often leads to presenteeism, which is costly and damaging to a business. Whilst many employees might try remedies such as less screen time before bed and less caffeine, it can actually be stress or anxiety and other mental health issues that are having an impact on the quality of sleep. In many cases, issues such as stress, anxiety, and burnout, are actually caused by work.

Businesses can help tackle sleep deprivation by improving wellbeing support in the workplace

Employees may be distressed by workloads, overtime, no flexibility, a lack of support, finances and more. These things often stay with employees and can in turn affect their mental health, wellbeing, and sleep. Poor mental health, mixed with tiredness or fatigue, leads to less productivity and lowered quality of work. It can also create tension within the workplace and angst amongst staff, whether it be ‘snapping’ at colleagues or overreacting about smaller issues.

The solution is clear, by offering mental health and wellbeing support within the workplace, organisations can thrive through productivity and attendance. Less days will be lost due to absences, and even though absences become less, so do the levels of presenteeism because employees are happier and better supported. Offering wellbeing support and strategies to employees can reduce their stress and overall improve their mental health, meaning they can have better sleep and start their days more positively and filled with energy.

At UKIM Occupational Health & Wellbeing, we understand that each workplace is different and have different needs. That’s why we create our tailored wellbeing packages that aim to create a healthier and more productive workforce. Offering various levels of support with our clinicians and experts, we ensure positive wellbeing strategies to combat poor mental health, absences, and presenteeism.