What is Employee Wellbeing?

How you can help your staff with physical, mental and social stressors at work...

Address wellbeing to keep your workforce at peak efficiency

Employee Wellbeing is the general wellness and wellbeing of your employees, be it the physical, mental or social factors that contribute to their overall wellbeing. Essentially it’s looking at an employee's happiness, engagement and satisfaction for their job, and how their responsibilities, duties & expectations affect their overall health, happiness and stress levels within their working environment.

A healthy workplace can indeed help employees flourish and increase employee engagement to reach their full potential. 

Do you know how to create a healthy workplace for your employees? 

Firstly, it’s key to create a working environment that promotes employee wellbeing, benefiting both the employees and the organisation.

Secondly, you need to be able to identify your employee’s wellbeing. Many businesses can struggle to embrace employee wellbeing within the workplace. It’s not just being able to recognise the physical signs - it’s an employee's cognition too. So, their mood, their awareness, perceptions, reasoning as well as their Presenteeism in the workplace.  

Above all, employee wellbeing is about understanding your employees from a holistic perspective - which can only be achieved within organisations that focus on their employees’ health. 

How to improve employee wellbeing in your business

Introducing the help of a qualified Occupational Health Provider can play a key part in improving the overall staff wellness and productivity within your workforce. Our strength at UKIM lies in developing strong relationships with employers to maintain and improve their workforce’s occupational health and employee wellbeing. 

We aim to work seamlessly alongside your existing HR practices to ensure the most suitable health and wellbeing benefits are offered to your workforce.  

Our range of tailored employee wellbeing campaigns focuses on physical, psychological, and social health improvement. Understanding the needs of each employee is imperative as we know first-hand that employees enter at a different stage along the wellbeing continuum. Our project-based approach considers a whole range of factors to prevent, assess, and treat to deliver measurable improvement projects that focus on productivity and return on investment by improving employee wellbeing.

Our range of Employee Wellbeing services includes...

Tailored Health Assessments
Biopsychosocial Pathway Assessments
Health Improvement Practices
Health Coaches 
Fit for Role Workshops 
Healthy Living Workshops
Digital Employee Benefits Programmes 

To summarise; the benefits of employee wellbeing are crucial to ensure you have a happy and healthy workplace. But how? Well, they: 

  • Improve Employee behaviours 
  • Reduce future health risks and costs for the employee 
  • Contributes to employee productivity 
  • Improve absenteeism and presenteeism 
  • Help with employee retention 
  • Boost employee morale 

Talk to the team at UKIM Occupational Health to discuss how we can support your Employee Wellbeing programme to provide a range of preventative solutions and early identification techniques.